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LonMark International

LonMark International (LMI) is a global membership organization created to promote and advance the business of efficient and effective integration of open, multi-vendor control systems utilizing ANSI/CEA 709.1 and related standards.

Members of LonMark International include the world’s leading manufacturers, integrators and users of control systems in a variety of industries, including building automation, security, lighting, home/white goods, elevators, mass transit, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, consumer appliances, sun blinds, energy metering, construction, commercial real estate, and industrial automation.

The LonMark brand is one of the most recognized marks of excellence in the world. Today, our services extend to helping member companies achieve global acceptance, whether for open system devices, programmable systems or quality processes. Manufacturers certified by LonMark International benefit by the organization’s undisputed reputation as the leader in the promotion and advancement of open control systems.








LonMark International
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